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- a smile in the morning   ...morning-kicks to make you smile

- tatiana                ..the dark-psy-side of mr.mountain

- lost in paradise   ...lose yourself in Mountain’s kicks :) audio-cd-length!

- wonderland         ...most beautiful kickin’ morningpsy. lovely!!!

- psykoo bomb        ...and it is one!

- surrounded magic ...magic psy

- killing feel             ...feel it!

- closer to heaven   ...heavenly psy

- dreamfields            ... !

- mudjaji                  ...psy with great spheres

- wechselwirkung   ...proggi only

- you are terminated ...full guitarrr / psytarrrs!

- to the dancefloor  ...!!!

- digitally imported     ...Mountain’s first mix for DI, this one def. rrrockzzz!


       Location:  northern-germany     Contact: music (at) magic (dot) ms






- rockin’ my baby         ...guitarrr full-on ‘til you drop  ;)

- black light trap           ...action-ambient & morning dance.audio-cd-length

- love of my life            ...singing psy mix.

- schneetreiben          ...full psytarrrr power

- the devil’s heavensdance   ...kickproggy to fullpower...

- groovy day after           ...groovin’ with around 138 BPM

- highrise                       ...full psytarrr power

- hypnotones & holodecks ...6 hours mix, 136-142 BPM

- intense psychedelic euphoria ...!

- nordic apocalypse          ...fast’n darkish

- the prayer                     ...psy-classics

- tuned to insanity          ...full’n fast

- trommelmaschine          ...early mix, dancing progressive


Location:  northern-germany     Contact: music (at) magic (dot) ms


Pink Panther



- final fantasy (july 2005)      deep psy trance

- final fantasy (october 2005)    

- final fantasy (december 2005)   

- final fantasy (january 2006)    

- welcome to reality (may 2006)    deep psy trance

- final fantasy (june 2006)    morning psy

- use your imagination (july 2006)   progressive

- where dreams come from (august 2006)   deep psy trance

- final fantasy (october 2006)   deep psy trance

- unnamed, for a girl

- impossible mission to space


Location:  vienna / austria     Contact: www.finalfantasy-productions.com


Trippin Troll 





- can i trip with you?   troll-tripping *g*

- golden times           when psytrance was young and we were too...  ;)

- alien empire             (golden times part 3)

- fist full of mutants

- old school monster (a tribute to the 90ies)

- spiritual impact

- the cycle never ends

- Trippin Troll  vs. Dschinn - sensitive poultice  when trolls meet dschinns

- Trippin Troll  vs. Dschinn - tickling stomach  when trolls meet dschinns


Location:  northern-germany     Contact: trippintroll (at) hotmail (dot) com


Fractal Gee

 - div. mixes            ...check out Fractal’s website for his great mixes :)

Contact: www.fractalgee.com




  -in the garden of eden    amazing ambient, a tribute to solar fields. fly through yr own universe

Location: spain     Contact: music (at) francofunghi (dot) es / wwwfrancofunghi.es



- div. mixes             ...amazing action-ambient from Hamburg. check his website!!!!

Location: hamburg / germany     Contact: liese (at) hamburg (dot) de


DJ Shoom

- ritual occult workship   ...get occulted by America’s Shoom... ;)

Location: USA                     Contact: psyghost (at) gmail (dot) com


Dr. Changra


- lena               excellent & finest proggi amazingly (!!!) mixed !

- pilzfrequenz

- odin’s kranktaris

 - live in Warschau April 2006

 - nasales frühstück

Location: berlin / germany   Contact: dr_changra (at) web (dot) de



- just the light you gave   rockin’ psychedelic


Location: castrop-rauxel / germany    Contact: fruchtzwerg06 (at) aol (dot) com





- december 2006   Live-Act from Switzerland, great (!) rrrockin’ Full-On. TRY! :-))))

- february 2005

- march 2004


Location: switzerlandy    Contact: www.goa-trance.ch


DJ Gab


  - quirl  

 - simplicified

 - rough and tough

 - universal music party cut 2


Location: cologne / germany     Contact: djgab (at)gmx (dot) net


DJ Feedback

 - div. mixes             Producer and DJ, check his website for tracks’n mixes!

Location: germany     Contact: www.soundlager.com



- div. tracks / live-sets        finest (!) progressive, get their stuff from their homepage

Location: marburg / germany         contact: www.klopfgeister.com




- game                                 emotional FullOn,  try....!!!

- make your choice

- psyence

- untitled 2006

- a MIX of Vig, TRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Location:  Tallin/Estonia     Contact: www.viger.tk

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